As per my contemplation, our way of reciting mantras is wrong and incorrect. There is mispronunciation in reciting mantras. Mantras are extracted from Vedas. They are perfect. But the techniques are in our way of recitation. All mantras contain certain vibrations. When you recite mantras you do it very fast- Ram Ram Ram or recite mantra Aum Namah Shivay Aum Namah Shivay. You recite mantra mechanically without being aware of hidden impact.

My Dear Souls,Love to all of you.

Why you do not have God Realization?

People want to have the experience of the supreme soul, the God. That is why they are performing various religious practices. We do a lot of spiritual practices. Still we do not have the glimpses of God. Why is this so? This is a very important issue. We have recited mantras; we have done a number of Anusthan. But still we could not have the darshan of God. Why? Is there deficiency in mantra? Have we not put enough efforts? Or the Guru himself is incompetent? What is the factor that is stopping us from spiritual progress?

So the first problem is that your mind is not stable. The mala is in hand but your mind is wandering somewhere else. There is no connection between these two. Nobody has seen the mind till date. Have you seen where your mind is? Where does the mind reside in your body? The answer would be “No”. You are unaware of it. Still you say “I have done this with my mind.” But where is the mind? You have not seen it. This is because it is very subtle. The words, the vibrations of the words, are very subtle. So there should be connection between power of mind and power of mantras. Then only you can feel the impact behind it.

I will explain this with an example. There is radio transmission from B.B.C. station located in London. But you can listen to it right here (in India), now. This is because of perfect tuning. The words are pronounced at London but you can listen to it here. The vibrations of the words pronounced enter into the vast universe through the medium of frequencies and reflects back. The words pronounced from one place travel to you, wherever you are.

It is same in case of the mantras.  The vibrations travel to the universe through frequencies. Neither the words are fake or the mantras.  When you recite mantras the vibrations are created and they spread in all directions. However, your mind is not with it.  You want to experience it, but your mind is somewhere else. If your mind is connected with the waves of mantras, then the vibrations of the mantras can reach up to your favorite deity.

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