Way to reduce heat

Way to reduce heat

Way to reduce heat

After a lot of contemplation on solution to reduce heat, I am suggesting the use of ghee by my technique as I myself have done enough experiments of this on my body. The way I have discovered is yet not being experienced anywhere in the world.        All people use ghee through mouth. They use it in eatable items. It is taken through mouth. But the way I used is different.  I experimented this on my body for nearly three years. When I used it for the first time, I felt as cool as ice within my whole body. I could feel a sigh of relief from heat and hence I felt that the heat can be reduced. While doing this unique experiment, I came to know that there is no harm in using this technique of using of ghee. There is no harm at all. I suggested use of ghee to my family members, my friends and everybody. This will increase the coolness in body. By this way of using ghee recitations, one can recite mala number of times he wants.

The second experiment is of shatavari (Indian Asparagus). It has the property to increase coolness and it purifies the blood. By taking 5-7 tablets twice a day, the coolness in the body increases. Due to this the vayu gets balanced.

And harde (Indian gall-nut) expels the excess vayu from our body.  Shatavari brings it down and harde expels it out. These are Ayurvedic remedies. There is no need to take medicine from outside. Experience it yourself.

Due to gas problems, there will be belching.  This indicates that the gas is rising up; the apan vayu is rising up. Actually, it is at anus (Mooladhar chakra).  But when it goes in upward direction, it shows bad indication.  If it comes down, then there is no problem as it gets off.

The other issue is the vayu tatva cannot be detected either in Ultra sonography (USG), Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or radiology.  It cannot be detected even through the latest technologies. The doctors detects that ‘you don’t have any problems. It may be a psychological problem.  But you feel the pain in your whole body. The reason for blood pressure is the same. As vayu gets increased, it affects the heart. Due to advancing of age, the arteries of heart get contracted. When there is increase of gas, it gets expanded due to pressure. It is like expansion of small water pipe when water passes through it with heavy pressure. The same thing happens in your heart. There will be pain when the gas rises up and enters in the arteries with pressure.  There will be pain in the heart. If the vayu is normal, then this will not happen. When there is pain, the doctor suggests, “Arteries of your heart are blocked.” You have to get admit.

However, there will be relief from disease after the use of ghee, shatavari and harde.  And the arteries which are blocked will become normal gradually. Ghee, shatavari and harde balance your body and eradicate problems regarding heat and pressure. Many people got rid of the blood pressure medicines. Thousands of people have used ghee, shatavari and harde till now. No problems have been observed or reported till date

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