Treatment of Kidney

Treatment of Kidney

Treatment of Kidney

Recently, 10-15 days back, a person came to me from Bangalore.  The Doctor had told him, “Both of your kidneys have failed, transplant the kidneys. I will get it transplanted”.  His wife offered her kidney to him.  His doctor said, “O.K. I will transplant the kidney”.  Somebody told him about me.  So he called me up   and asked, “Can my kidneys be alright?”  I closed my eyes and saw that his kidneys have been shrunk.  They aren’t failed.  So I told him, “You just come to Om Tapovan in Bharuch.”  It was his good fortune that he came to Bharuch.  We provided the treatment to him for 10 days.  It consisted of   use of ghee, use of ‘vibration water’ and the use of energized rose flower.  You will not believe, within 10 days his both kidneys started functioning! He telephones me even now from Bangalore.  This is not miracle.  This is science. But the medical doctors do not know about this.  They are not aware –How this happens?  They treat the disease. But they do not find how it took place. They do not find the reason of its occurrence.

When I had been to Africa, I used to meet people with different issues & then have to the cause. The doctors from various places approach to Om Tapovan and have discussions with me.  The issues are been discussed ‘differences in yog and science’.  They say,” Somebody’s kidney has failed.”  I tell them, “No, it is not failed!”  I ask them, “If it is failed what is the reason for its failure?”  They cannot tell. In their system of treatment, it is like this– ‘If kidney is not working, remove it!  Transplant another kidney!’ On the other hand we go in much deeper. We think on the issue – ‘What is the reason of kidney failure?’

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