Treatment of Hysteria

Treatment of Hysteria

Treatment of Hysteria

Because of these problems, hysteria (feat) also takes place. It can occur in kids as well. No medicine has been discovered for this problem in the whole world so far. In hysteria, the swelling occurs in glands located in brain.  Due to this pressure, the vessels (arteries and veins) which are very minute, touch each other. Due to this there will be jerk in the brain. This is called hysteria. I have cured a number of people from this aliment with the help of use of ghee. Because of cooling, the vessels which were swollen due to heat, gets normal and disease is cured.

People think this is a miracle- it is not a miracle.  This is totally science. But yet, you should have the special ability to visualize it. After closing the eyes, you should be able to feel where the disease is? You do not have this ability. However, it is possible to develop this ability.  I have prepared a number of people for this task.  They have now become masters in this. Due to meditation your mind becomes so relax that your vision becomes introspective.  You can see inside your body and see where the problem is. After mastering this, you can learn to see inside the bodies of other persons. You can know where the problem is.

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