The Secrets of Mantra Sadhana

The Secrets of Mantra Sadhana

The Secrets of Mantra Sadhana

The science has progressed a lot but not up to the mark in spiritual field. You can see it. However, our ancestors, the sages had a lot of divine powers. Science is starting just now. But now we can visualize, thousands of years back how powerful our sages were! They were at the summit point in spirituality. They linked directly with God.

  They had developed a method to do this. This has been re-established through scientific investigations.  However, now we have to live in the present age. We have to experience it scientifically.  For this, our heart (man, buddhi, chitt, ahankar) should be clean be cleaned, then only we will be able to feel the divine power as our divine vision is developed.

Make your heart global:There is mention of the ‘Third Eye’ in our scriptures.  Lord Shiv had developed it. Like him, everybody has the ‘Third Eye’.  All have pineal glands.  It is this gland which connects us to the universe. We can experience the whole universe. But for this, your mind must be pure enough.

For example, one fakir (sage) started journey to visit the whole world. He visited all the places in the world. He studied all the languages of the world. Then he returned back to his native place.  The king welcomed him and felicitated him. And then asked him, “You had been to the whole world. You have spread the greatness of this kingdom in the whole world. We welcome you here.” The king and the fakir used to study in the same school. They were friends.  The king was busy in expanding his kingdom while the fakir had been visiting various places in the world. The fakir was thinking during the journey that the king might be waiting for me as he is my friend.’ The king used to think that, the fakir would bring some gift for me.  The fakir used to think that what should I take with me for the king?  He had everything. He had plenty of wealth. Finally the king asked the fakir.  What have you brought for me?  Fakir replied “I was thinking all the way- what should I bring for you?  However, I have brought a valuable gift for you.  But I will not give it here in the court.  I will give it to you in your palace.”


After the adjournment of the court, both the friends went to the king’s palace. The fakir was having a bag on his shoulder. There was a mirror in it. He presented the mirror to the king.  And he said, “This mirror costs only four paisa.  Still it is indispensible.  When you will find time, please see in the mirror.”  The king asked, “What is so special about this ordinary mirror?”  The fakir said, “There are a very few people in the world who can watch themselves in the mirror. I pray that let there be time in your life that you will be able to see yourself in this mirror.

Like this, there is a mirror of mind and heart within us.  We sometime become introvert. It will be good if we are able to view ourselves in the mirror of the heart. Then only we will know who we are.

The journey you have done till now leads to outer world.  You have not explored the inner world. The external journey is for dividing the humanity.  The various religious sects divide the humanity. They do not bring humans together. There is no temple in the world which is meant for all.  There are temples of Jainism, Buddhist, Hindus and Muslims etc.  All are separate. Can the God be divided like this?  He is sole power.  We have not seen God. However, we are constructing the temples of God whom we haven’t seen. We make his idols. Can the God be like this?

See the God of Hindus, the Lord Krishna. How charming he is! In western countries, their God is of color white. In China, you will find that their God is flat nosed. Scriptures say ‘God created human beings’. But here you find that humans have created God. If we have not seen somebody, then we just imagine them. It’s the imagination that we build God’s idol.

The mirror of your mind, heart is inside you. It should be as transparent as crystal such that you can watch yourself in it.  In deep meditation, you see yourself and recognize what you are and then the God is not far away

Take the example of a vehicle. The vehicle you drive has the head lights. Its range is about 35-40 feet. However with the help of this light you can travel thousands of kilometers.  You travel long distances with this lights of small range. Similarly, if a light is illuminated in your heart, then you will surely realize God.

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