Prarambhik Shibir

Normally it clears knowledge about why meditation is necessary for human life & what benefits it gives to same.Detail Information about Chakra meditation is provided. A charka can be considered as an energy point or force in the body that tries to govern different physical, mental and spiritual functions in an individual. It is the […]

Maun Shibir

Everyone must be aware that there is lot of Shakti in being Maun. Maun means complete silence from mind ( that there are no thoughts), body ( no action is performed ) & Soul ( That has no other thing to do but to be clam from within.) this Shibir is conducted at Om Tapovan […]

How to Meditate

hen we will do Anulom-Vilom pranayam.  In this we put two fingers (index and middle finger) on Agna Chakra (third eye).  This helps in spiritual development, to have the divine visions. There is pineal gland behind the third eye, the shivnetra (third eye) which is to be developed. For this, the index and middle finger […]

How to send message to God?

Just now I explained you with the example of Radio transmission from London. The transmission from London reaches here. How?  It reaches through waves.  Similarly, if you involve your mind with the vibrations of Aum, then it can reach up to God. When the message from London can reach here, why our message cannot reach […]

Seven Chakras & Seven Bodies

Every human being has seven chakras (energy centers) and seven bodies. Seven chakras are Mooladhar, Swadhisthan, Manipur, Anahat, Vishuddh, Agna and Sahastradhar. And the seven bodies are Sthul, Pran, Sukshm, Karan, Mahakaran, Chaitanya and Virat. These all chakras are not in physical body. They all are in our 4th body i.e. Karan body. Pran shareer […]

Knowing Universe is possible even today

In our Om Tapovan Ashram, I have made sadhaks to understand what is the consciousness, what is the universe, how it is going on? How the whole universe is functioning? It exists because of vibrations. If your consciousness becomes one with that of universe, then you yourself can experience the universe. You can view all […]

Treatment of Kidney

Recently, 10-15 days back, a person came to me from Bangalore.  The Doctor had told him, “Both of your kidneys have failed, transplant the kidneys. I will get it transplanted”.  His wife offered her kidney to him.  His doctor said, “O.K. I will transplant the kidney”.  Somebody told him about me.  So he called me […]

Treatment of Hysteria

Because of these problems, hysteria (feat) also takes place. It can occur in kids as well. No medicine has been discovered for this problem in the whole world so far. In hysteria, the swelling occurs in glands located in brain.  Due to this pressure, the vessels (arteries and veins) which are very minute, touch each […]

Way to reduce heat

After a lot of contemplation on solution to reduce heat, I am suggesting the use of ghee by my technique as I myself have done enough experiments of this on my body. The way I have discovered is yet not being experienced anywhere in the world.        All people use ghee through mouth. They use it […]

Problems due to unbalancing of Vayu tatva

This body is made of five main tatvas and five vayu tatvas. They are useful in functioning of body.  When you recite mantras or do the anushthan then the heat in body will increase. As per the rule of science, when the air is hot, it rises up, while the cool air comes down.  The […]

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