Treatment of Kidney

Recently, 10-15 days back, a person came to me from Bangalore.  The Doctor had told him, “Both of your kidneys have failed, transplant the kidneys. I will get it transplanted”.  His wife offered her kidney to him.  His doctor said, “O.K. I will transplant the kidney”.  Somebody told him about me.  So he called me […]

Treatment of Hysteria

Because of these problems, hysteria (feat) also takes place. It can occur in kids as well. No medicine has been discovered for this problem in the whole world so far. In hysteria, the swelling occurs in glands located in brain.  Due to this pressure, the vessels (arteries and veins) which are very minute, touch each […]


Why you do not have God Realization? It is same in case of the mantras.  The vibrations travel to the universe through frequencies. Neither the words are fake or the mantras.  When you recite mantras the vibrations are created and they spread in all directions. However, your mind is not with it.  You want to […]