Seven Chakras & Seven Bodies

Seven Chakras & Seven Bodies

Seven Chakras & Seven Bodies

Every human being has seven chakras (energy centers) and seven bodies. Seven chakras are Mooladhar, Swadhisthan, Manipur, Anahat, Vishuddh, Agna and Sahastradhar. And the seven bodies are Sthul, Pran, Sukshm, Karan, Mahakaran, Chaitanya and Virat. These all chakras are not in physical body. They all are in our 4th body i.e. Karan body. Pran shareer (2nd body) is a representative of our aura (light we see behind God’s photo). In seven_layers_auric BodyMahabharat, Lord Krishna showed Arjun his Virat shareer (7th body). You can see it even today.  You can be present in the whole universe.  The universe can be experienced even today with the help of vibrations. As you progress in the meditation, you can experience and see these bodies. The body has a number of siddhis (spiritual powers) in it. The seven chakras too have various siddhis.  As you progress in mediation, you will get these siddhis.  And you can realize the God in this life itself.

My intention is that you learn something through the practice of meditation. To have the divine experiences, you must enter in deep meditation.  You will not get it in the outer world. We have sought it in the outer world (in pilgrimages, in temples) till date. However, God is not there. It is within you. That divine is within you. Till now, the journey was outwards. Now you have to search within.

You can experience God in outer world also. But you do not have the vision to see. In temple, you see only the idol. You are not able to see the pran in the idol and the problem lies here.  The idol is made of stone and the pran has been manifested in it.  You bow down in front of the idol-the gross and create a range for yourself. You see the gross. One can feel the difference by viewing the area from 1st and 7th floor. It is same in meditation too. PranaVayus-Kite If you go on entering the inner bodies, then your mind will become so relax that the mysteries of the universe will open to you automatically.  There are various kinds of waves in the universe with the help of which you can visualize the whole universe, with the help of which you can visualize the whole universe. This is mentioned in our culture.  One has to open it. That is why it is important to do mediation practically.

 In meditation the anulom-vilom pranayam is very importantWhen both ida and pingla nadis balance, the sushumna nadi will get activated. Due to which your mind & body get relaxed, concentration power improves and your journey towards spiritual world begins.

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