Problems due to unbalancing of Vayu tatva

Problems due to unbalancing of Vayu tatva

Problems due to unbalancing of Vayu tatva

This body is made of five main tatvas and five vayu tatvas. They are useful in functioning of body.  When you recite mantras or do the anushthan then the heat in body will increase. As per the rule of science, when the air is hot, it rises up, while the cool air comes down.  The whirlwind occur due to this principle.

When apan vayu becomes hot, it rises up and reaches the lower part of belly. This increases the heat in the body.  Because of this, ladies have problems in their menstrual cycle. It occurs with pains. Intestine also gets swollen. Swelling occurs on liver too.

Liver has various glands which help in digestion of food.  When there is swelling in the liver, then the digestion process slows down.  Food is not digested completely. When digestive system is not working properly, the undigested food accumulates in stomach. This gives rise to formation of gases, acidity and subsequently swelling in the digestion system. If the heat increases further, then there will be swelling in the trachea (food pipe).  Then there will be swelling in the vocal cord too.  This cannot be cured through any kind of medicines. If the swelling spreads further up, then the thyroid glands will also be affected. If the heat rises above this, then the whole mouth will swell. It will become red. If heat goes further up it might affect your memory power.

Afterwards, the heat will circulate downwards. Then there will be joint pains, pains in the hands, waist, legs, knees etc.  The reason for all this is rising of the gas upwards due to heat and its circulation in the whole body. When it increases further, then there will be problem in gall bladder.  Increase in bile will also lead to formation of stones. And you will see that the cause of all these problems is only one i.e. the heat. A number of ailments occur due to increase of heat.

Then you may ask, “When so many problems occur due to the heat, then should we stop recitation of mantras?”  No, mantras recitation should be continued.  So many generations have been doing it.  It is being done since so many past lives.

I have come here to guide you on the issue. Along with recitation of mantra, the maintenance of body is also important.  Body is made of five main tatvas and five vayu tatvas. There should not be changes in their composition.  And recitation of mantra should be continued.  But the heat should not be increased.  Various means should be found out to cool it down.

When I initiated mediation, I too had to face all these problems. My Gurus and colleagues were not aware of these issues. All were bearing the hardships.  Even Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa too had to suffer this pain.  You might be aware that even though Swami Ramkrishna Paramhansa was a very highly evolved spiritual person, he too had to bear all these problems. When the agni tatva increases, the body heat increases. Then it becomes difficult even for sages to control it. They go on bearing it.

I too had to face these problems. In earlier age, at the age of 22-23 years, my hair and teeth had fallen due to excess of heat. I took first Shaktipat-mantra deeksha in 1982. However, my Guru had not taught me to deal with excess of heat. My second Guru taught me to make use of Ganesh-Kriya (a finger churned with ghee spin around anus). Yet the heat was increasing. A question rose within “what to do in such situations?”

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