Maun means to do Just sit. Sit alone. Do not follow any activity. Try to control your desire, thoughts etc.

The practice of Maun Meditation leads one to discover inner truth and happiness. Through meditation practice one can discard the self that has lived until this moment. Only by throwing away forgetting past good and bad memories; inner truth and happiness can be achieved. The meditation technique could be applied by anyone through an easy way, yet unique process. Participants have found that this is a very simple, step-by-step method..

Maun- means a vow to keep silent. Silence of thoughts. For spiritual growth it is essential that one’s speech must be pure. To acquire purity of speech the practice of silence is important. In Hindu religion there is description of maun-vrat for this purpose

Maun Meditation is not about temporarily relaxing or suppressing the mind. It is about cleansing the deep rooted mind of our past or about past birth.

In Maun it is believed that through meditation practice, images collected in the mind can be thrown away to reveal the identity of true self. In doing so, inner truth and happiness can be achieved. Maun Meditation’s key point is that people can be enlightened to reveal the identity true self and regain eternal life.

Even if we have actual outer silence our mind is rarely silent. If weanalyses our thoughts there seem to be a never ending stream of worries, anxieties, and regrets.

The practice of silence is challenging. When we first sit down to try it, we may find that our ordinary mental activities refuse to stop. The flow of thought continues, and the act of turning the attention inward simply makes the thoughts more active and insistent. We try to hush them or make them disappear, but they grow more intractable. Finally we become upset and get up to do something else.

In reality, we cannot force our way into a state of inner silence, a state that we do not know. Instead, we have to learn how to deal with concrete situations that prevent us from getting closer to the silence that we want to reach. It is hard to relate to something that is unknown, but we can learn how to gradually move towards it.

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