Knowing Universe is possible even today

Knowing Universe is possible even today

Knowing Universe is possible even today

I have invented a theory of vibration. With this, you can view anything in the world from anywhere! This thing is mentioned in Mahabharat known as ‘Vision of Sanjay’ (Sanjay Dhrasti). It is possible even today. You yourself can have such a vision.

In our Om Tapovan Ashram, I have made sadhaks to understand what is the consciousness, what is the universe, how it is going on? How the whole universe is functioning? It exists because of vibrations. If your consciousness becomes one with that of universe, then you yourself can experience the universe. You can view all the activities in the universe. You can even alter those activities. This is possible because your soul become supreme soul.  You are made up of tatva which the universe is made of.  Lord Krishna had said in Geeta that “you are beings originated from parmatma.  You too have all those powers that God have. Only thing is, you have to manifest it”.  This is possible even today. Our ancient Rishis (Sages) used to have communication with God as they had this knowledge.  Then at later stage, this knowledge was lost.  The scientists have re-opened it now to some extent.  They have invented the Kirlian photography. We do a lot of research in Om Tapovan with the help of it and find out how it works?

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