Five Types of Vayu tatva (Air element)

Five Types of Vayu tatva (Air element)

Five Types of Vayu tatva (Air element)

Body is made up of five tatvasAakash, vayu, agni, jal  and prithvi. The vayu tatva is further divided in 5 types.  They are- Pran, Apan, Udan Vyan and Saman. When you are seeking food to God, you say ‘Aum Pranay Swaha, Aum Apanay Swaha, Aum Udanay Swaha, Aum Vyanay Swaha, Aum Samanay Swaha, Aum Paribhramaney Swaha’.  Why?  You should ask the priest. He asks you to do and you just follow.  This should not happen.  If you do not know, you should ask him- why this is done?  This is done because these five types of vayu tatva are there in our body.

So Yog says that the body is made of five elements and there are five types of the vayu tatvas within the body.  All of them have their own functions.  Pran vayu is in the heart chakra and it helps in blood circulation.  Apan vayu is at anus and it helps in expulsion of waste matter from the body.  Saman vayu is at navel center and it helps in maintaining the digestive system.  Udan vayu is at the throat chakra and it takes care of the organs & glands related to throat.  Vyan vayu moves in the whole body. Thus, this body is working because of the five main tatvas and the five vayu tatvas.

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