Connections of mantra and mind are essential

Connections of mantra and mind are essential

Connections of mantra and mind are essential

Suppose, somebody drops a stone in a still lake, then waves which are created will travel to the banks. Like this, the vibrations of the mantras recited by you reach to your favorite deity.  But if your mind is not involved in it, if there is no connection between the mantra and the mind, then result won’t be as per your expectation. Mind has to get involved in the vibrations to get the glimpse of God.

All the mantras whether of Lord Krishna or Mahavir or Gayatri. They consist of ‘Aum’ in it.  It starts with ‘Aum’ and then the name of deity follows.  No mantras are without ‘Aum’ in it.  All mantras have their vibrations.  When the mind is with the mantras, then the vibrations travel to the universe and reach to the God.

The reason behind the mantras not reaching to the God is that your mind is not connected with the vibrations. You recite the mantras only for name sake.  You have decided to do fix numbers of malas in the day.  So every day you simply do it mechanically.  But your mind is in your business or routine work.  You do the malas because you have decided to do it; because, the name of God is to be recited.  However, this is not happening through devotion.  You should spare some time for this But do it with full devotion.  Do it with full devotion and let your mind get involved in it.

The word Aum itself is a form of God.  If your mind is connected with it, then you, your essence will spread in the whole universe. Then something can happen.  Till now we are lost in the words.  There is nothing in the words! We go on chanting Aum Namah Shivay…Aum Namah Shivay but your mind is somewhere else.  And you are reciting the words in Vaikhari

Vani (speech) is of four types.  Vaikhari, Madhyama, Pashyanti and Para. When you are reciting the mantras in Vaikhari (with use of mouth), then its energy surrounds your body.  It does not go far away.  ‘Aum’ is made up of fire element. So all mantras will be of fire element also as they start with the word ‘Aum’.  When you do recitation of mantra, agni tatva in the body increases.  So heat in the body increases.

And the second problem is, you do not know that our body is made of five elements – Aakash tatva (Sky element), Vayu tatva (Air element), Agni tatva (Fire element), Jal tatva (Water element) and Prithvi tatva (Earth element).      We cannot survive our self without any of this element. We get prithvi tatva from food.  The body cannot survive without jal tatvaAgni tatva is also essential. It is useful in the digestion of food.  We inhale and exhale, so vayu tatva is also required. Aakash tatva is the consciousness; the body is alive because of it. I am talking and you are listening- this is because of aakash tatva (pure soul).  Thus, all the five tatvas from which the body is made of are essential.

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