Agni Tatva increases due to mantras

The Agni tatva is one of the five elements of which the body is made.  When you recite mantras, the agni tatva increases.  And it is necessary to maintain 98.40F temperature in our body.  If the temperature increases, then the body will unbalance and will get affected by heat. This happens due to recitation of […]

Connections of mantra and mind are essential

Suppose, somebody drops a stone in a still lake, then waves which are created will travel to the banks. Like this, the vibrations of the mantras recited by you reach to your favorite deity.  But if your mind is not involved in it, if there is no connection between the mantra and the mind, then […]


Why you do not have God Realization? It is same in case of the mantras.  The vibrations travel to the universe through frequencies. Neither the words are fake or the mantras.  When you recite mantras the vibrations are created and they spread in all directions. However, your mind is not with it.  You want to […]

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