Himalaya & Meditation

here is diverse change in one’s body and brain only after regular meditation.Different type of meditation dwell different benefits as such:- – In this type of meditation it reduces cardiovascular diseases. – When it is practiced with Sahaja Marg or Yoga it helps to awaken the kundalini shakti at mooladhar chakra or base chakra. GURUJI […]

The Secrets of Mantra Sadhana

  hey had developed a method to do this. This has been re-established through scientific investigations.  However, now we have to live in the present age. We have to experience it scientifically.  For this, our heart (man, buddhi, chitt, ahankar) should be clean be cleaned, then only we will be able to feel the divine […]

How to Meditate

hen we will do Anulom-Vilom pranayam.  In this we put two fingers (index and middle finger) on Agna Chakra (third eye).  This helps in spiritual development, to have the divine visions. There is pineal gland behind the third eye, the shivnetra (third eye) which is to be developed. For this, the index and middle finger […]

How to send message to God?

Just now I explained you with the example of Radio transmission from London. The transmission from London reaches here. How?  It reaches through waves.  Similarly, if you involve your mind with the vibrations of Aum, then it can reach up to God. When the message from London can reach here, why our message cannot reach […]

Seven Chakras & Seven Bodies

Every human being has seven chakras (energy centers) and seven bodies. Seven chakras are Mooladhar, Swadhisthan, Manipur, Anahat, Vishuddh, Agna and Sahastradhar. And the seven bodies are Sthul, Pran, Sukshm, Karan, Mahakaran, Chaitanya and Virat. These all chakras are not in physical body. They all are in our 4th body i.e. Karan body. Pran shareer […]

Knowing Universe is possible even today

In our Om Tapovan Ashram, I have made sadhaks to understand what is the consciousness, what is the universe, how it is going on? How the whole universe is functioning? It exists because of vibrations. If your consciousness becomes one with that of universe, then you yourself can experience the universe. You can view all […]

Treatment of Kidney

Recently, 10-15 days back, a person came to me from Bangalore.  The Doctor had told him, “Both of your kidneys have failed, transplant the kidneys. I will get it transplanted”.  His wife offered her kidney to him.  His doctor said, “O.K. I will transplant the kidney”.  Somebody told him about me.  So he called me […]

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